Squirrels Are My Enemy


Max has been after a squirrel for years. If he caught one he wouldn’t know what to do with himself. I imagine if a squirrel actually stood its ground Max would be the one running.

Today a couple of children came up to me, my girlfriend and Max, asking can they stroke Max. One of them, after asking Max’s age, stated that his human age is double his dog age. This would make him 26. I have heard of a dog’s human age being 7 times the dog’s age, but not double. 7 times his age would make him, 91. When I think about this it seems absurd. The level of physical ability is incomparable between the 2 groups. Also 26 doesn’t seem to fit the time of life Max is now occupying.

There are no 91 year old people running around the park like Max does. However, I have never seen a 91 year old go to the toilet in public either.

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