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The other side of my back fence is ‘no mans land’. No one can walk through the small road without being challenged. Legally it is not a private estate. There are no road signs stating as much and there is nothing in the deeds of the house stating the land is private. However you will be challenged by irate bungalow owners convinced you are not allowed to go down there. One occasion my mother was told she could be shot because we had put a gate at the rear of the property. I could understand if we were noisy, abusive people but nothing is further from the truth. Once again this is a situation where I do not know people come to their conclusions (assuming there is a thought process) or why they get so upset about lines on a map. People also can’t seem to see the blatantly obvious stupidity of some of their views.

I can give a great example of this. A few years ago a Horse racing commentator, John McCririck, a strange fellow who reportedly said

“Liverpool is a cancer on the face of the United Kingdom”
and that he would like to see it “cut off from the UK”

A local Liverpool radio station did a live phone in on the subject and lots of angry scousers phoned in. One of them in particular stated when the DJ said John should come up and see Liverpool for himself the caller stated: “Yeah so we can kick his f***ing head in!”

The DJ did tell the caller they were making Johns point for him, but this was incomprehensible to them.

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